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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: October 8, 2011 

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Paul Sacks-

Great Gatsby Days-

Oil Town

Ry Cooder-

No Banker Left Behind-

Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down

Davis Serby-

I Just Stole Back What Was Mine-

Poor Man’s Poem




Buffalo Springfield-


Buffalo Springfield Again

Hoots & Hellmouth-

City Lights On a Country Ceiling-


Mason Porter-

Dark As A Dungeon-

Story Of the Rifle

James Justin & Co.-

Gone Daddy Gone-

Dark Country




The Rifters-

Love & Happiness-

The Great River

Jonathan Lee Pickens & Friends-

Big Sky-

Music Beneath The Mesa

Kerry Grombacher-

Morning Comes To Mission Santa Fe-

Riding for the Brand




Red Molly-

Your Long Journey-

Light In the Sky

Paul Geremia-

Lovin’ Sam-

Love My Stuff

Ernest Tubb-

Set Up Two Glasses, Joe-

The Legend & the Legacy

Dale Watson-

My Baby Makes Me Gravy-

The Sun Sessions

Elvis Presley-

I’m Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry-

Elvis Presley







Chuck Brodsky-

The Bellyache Heard Round the World-

$ubtotal Eclipse

Starline Rhythm Boys-

Pipeliner Blues-

Live at Charlie-O’s World Famous

The Belairs-


Got Love

Albert Lee-

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress-

Road Runner




Buddy Holly-

That’ll Be The Day-

The Buddy Holly Story

Ian Tyson-

Blaino’s Story-

Yellowhead To Yellowstone

Paul Kelly-

Love Never Runs On Time-

Greatest Hits

Pieta Brown-

Closing Time-


The Waifs-

Without You-





Tom Mason-

Pirate Song-

The Blue Buccaneer

John McCutcheon-

Losers Like You-

Nothing To Lose

John Prine-


The Singing Mailman Delivers

Andy Scheinman-

Talking Dirty & Writing Bad Checks-

The Songs Of Kevin Flaherty

The Grascels-

Cracker Barrel Swing-

Grascels & Friends







Cashbox Kings-

Fraulein On Paulina-

Holler & Stomp

Mary Flower-

Way Down In the Bottom-

Misery Loves Company

The Calvanes-

Smokey Joe’s Café-

In Harmony

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra-

Pickin’ the Cabbage-

Dizzy Gillespie 1937-1992




Jimmy ‘T99’ Nelson-

Hurt Three Ways-

Rockin’ & Shoutin’ The Blues

The Fremonts-

I’ve Been Dogged By Women-

Mighty Crazy

Guitar Shorty-

The Blues Done Got Me-

Get Used To Yourself

Coco Montoya-

Clean Slate-

Dirty Deal




JJ Grey & Mofro-

The Sweetest Thing-

Brighter Days

Tracy Nelson-

Without Love-

Victim of the Blues

Toni Price-


Midnight Pumpkin







Fred Eaglesmith-

Been a Long Time-

6 Volts

Coty Hogue-

Word In Hand-

To the West

Cam Penner-

Hour of Need-

Gypsy Summer

Zee Avi-



Craig Bickhardt-

The Real Game-

Brother To the Wind




Thomas Porter-

I May Not Be Your First Love-

Thomas Porter

Downtown Ramblers-

Either Way-

On the Other Side Of the city

Hogwaller Ramblers-

Sweet Heaven-

Hogwaller Ramblers

Angel Band-

Blow It All to Kingdom Come-

Shoot the Moon

The Waybacks-

Saltflat Rhapsody-

Way Live




Matt the Electrician-


Accidental Thief

Lynn Miles-

Fearless Heart-

Fall For Beauty

Lat Train Home-

I Recall Thinking-

Last Train Home

Slaid Cleaves-

Key Chain-

Sorrow & Smoke

Nathan Hamilton-

A Prism of Love-

Beauty Wit & Speed