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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: January 14, 2012†

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James Low Western Front-

A Little More Time-

Whiskey Farm

Sultans of String-

Heart Of Gold-


Gina Forsyth-

Promised Land-

Promised Land

Jack Williams-

Tomorrow Is Such a Long Time-

Donít Let Go!

Guthrie Thomas-

I Donít Know Nothiní About Nothiní-


Rebecca Zapen-



Richard D. Henry-

Iím Gonna Keep Loving You-

A Long Way From Home

The Pines-

All the While-

Dark So Gold

Randy Thompson-

Twang This-


Verlon Thompson-

All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad-

This Oneís For Him

Bronwynne Brent-

Baby, Weíd Be Fine-

Deep Black Water

David G Smith-

Youíre The Reason God Made Tequila-


Big Bill Broonzy-

Going Back to Arkansas-

Good Time Tonight




Louis Johnson-

Old Friend-

Old Friend

Amanda Pearcy-


Waitiní On Sunday

Jason Arnold & the Stepsiders-

Down To My Last Dollar-

Crazy Things

Lincoln Durham-

Mud Puddles-

The Shovel (vs) the Howling Bones

Kate Brislin/Katy Moffatt-

So Sad-

Sleepless Nights

Steve Young-

Hollar In The Swamp-

Lonesome, Oníry & Mean

Kasey Chambers-


Little Bird

The Woodpickers-

Down the Line-

Down the Line

The Western Starlanders-

Talkiní To You-


Gordon Tentrees-

Ramblinís Gonna Be the Death Of Me-

Mercy Or Sin

Jesse Taylor-

Naked Light of Day-

Texas Tattoo

The Silvertones-


You Got Me Spinniní

Joe Louis Walker-

Moviní On-


Marti Brom-

Get a Little Goner-

Not For Nothiní

Buddy Miller-

Somewhere Trouble Donít Go-

Cruel Moon

Dave Alvin-

Whatís Up With Your Brother-

Eleven Eleven




The Original Five Blind Boys of Mississippi-

If I Had a Hammer-

In Concert

First Fruit-

Iíll Go-

Praise the Lord

Mavis Staples-

Weíll Never Turn Back-

Weíll Never Turn Back

Nina Simone-

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free-

How It Feels To Be Free

Otis Taylor-

Be My Witness-

Truth Is Not Fiction

The Fairfield Four & Friends-

Roll Jordon Roll-

Fairfield four & Friends

The Holmes Brothers-

Thereís a Train-

Promised Land

Ted Beard-

The Train-

Sacred Steel-Live

Bill Lanford & the Landforaires-

Run For a Long Time-

There Shall Be No Sweeter sound

Clarence Bekker/Grandpa Elliott-

A Change Is Gonna Come-

Playing For Change




Katya Chorover-

Brand New Day-

Big Big Love

Jonathan Edwards-

One More Trip Around the Sun-

Rolliní Along

Eric Brace/Peter Cooper-

Wait a Minute-

Master Sessions

Elizabeth Cook-

What About Now-

Elizabeth Cook

John Flynn-

When I Throw Stones-

The End Of the Beginning

Deer Tick-

Goodbye Dear Friend-

The Black Dirt Sessions

Fred J Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels-


There Ainít No Easy Road

Daphne Lee Martin & Raise The Rent-

Saratoga Rain-

Dig & Be Dug

Kyle Alden-

The Pilgrim-

Songs From Yeats

Audrey Auld Mezera-

Buck Hungry-

Lost Men & Angry Girls

Joe West-


Aberdeen, SD

Bill & Kate Isles-

Truth Or Consequences-

Still Beneath The Stars & Moon

Stan Rogers-

Plenty of Hornpipe-

Fogartyís Cove