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Office/Message: (505) 863-7626
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To contact us:

An Android app for streaming is available in Google Play.

An iPhone app, "Tune In", once installed, allows you to find and listen to KGLP on your iPhone or iPad. (If your location settings are on, and you're in Gallup, you can select "local stations" and find KGLP directly.) While listening to KGLP with the "Tune In" app, you can select the heart-shaped icon on the player to add KGLP as a pre-set, for future listening at a moment's notice.

You can also LISTEN to KGLP on ANY cell phone, land line, etc.:

If you're on the road or otherwise outside our broadcast range on 91.7 fm, and don't have a smartphone such as an Android or iPhone, KGLP has a phone number for low to moderate quality listening, for those who don't have broadband or internet connections.

Here's the AudioNow access number for KGLP listeners:


(This is NOT a toll-free number in the United States, but if there is enough interest, we can get one.)

Each cell phone or long-distance listener accessing this service should monitor their minutes usage, accordingly, but if you want to check in for news on the road, or hear a bit of a favorite program, this is another way to do it.

NPR news airs on KGLP regularly weekdays at 1 after the hour, Mountain Daylight Time, from 6:01-8:10am, 4:01-5:06pm, Weekends from 9:01am-10:10am & 6:01 pm, and BBC News 7 days a week, from Midnight until 5:59 am (Subtract 1 hour for Pacific, Add 1 hour for Central, Add 2 hours for Eastern, and 6 hours for GMT). For a full list of KGLP news times, just email - you can also download a PDF or look at our programming schedule at

Thanks for listening!