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2015 Spring Membership Campaign:
Premiums and extra gifts (while they last)

Office/Message: (505) 863-7626
Fax: (505) 863-7633
Studio: (505) 863-7625


To contact us:

Anyone who contributes is welcome to come by KGLP to pick up such items as our new bumper sticker, KGLP soda cozy, lanyard, or mini-flying disc while supplies last.


The first 20 folks who donate $20 and ask for free bread will be able to pick up a loaf from the Crumby Bread Company, at Fratelli's, on any Saturday between 9am and 9pm.


Anyone donating $25 or more may come by the station to select one or two items, such as CD's featuring jazz, world music, or Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Easy Skanking in Boston '78" box set, and a few DVDs and other items from our "flea market" pile.  You might also pick up a copy of former Gallup resident Larry Larason's young adult novel, "The Ghost on the Moki Steps", informed by Larry's knowledge of the region, or pick out a book, such as art history, world history, regional interest, world religion, and more.  (See our photos of this collection.)  We have a few "sand painting" light switch plates, too.


$200 qualifies you to pick one of seven framed abstract sketches by Be Sargent, while they last (these are 30" x 24" prismacolor drawings framed with non glare Plexiglas and gallery clips. - you should specify which you would like to reserve when making your pledge, for pickup by April 17th (See Be's photos of these pieces - one of the photos is an example of the framing...for general information, you may visit

A $200 donation also qualifies any member for a day sponsorship - this is your personal message that KGLP would record, a formal "shout out" on a special day of your choosing, with a script that we would work with you to mark a special occasion. For example: "Rex and Lisa Thomas congratulate their child, Rudy, on his first year at NTU, and want their friends and neighbors to know how proud they are! Please join us in celebrating his academic career.  For more details, our friends may contact us at their leisure." - this sort of message would air a minimum of 10 times during that day.  You might even focus on a shout-out for a non-profit organization, public service, or event.


Anyone donating $100 or more may request the audio book, "Who Killed Emmett Till", while supplies last (you could also claim this and the Day Sponsorship with a donation of $200.)  The late Susan Klopfer, who resided in Gallup more recently, moved to the Mississippi Delta in 2003 as the Emmett Till cold case was re-opened by the FBI.  (Emmett was murdered in a 1955 hate crime, at the age of 14, after reportedly flirting with a white woman.) Living at Parchman Penitentiary due to her husband's employment, a notorious compound with a fascinating history, Susan had the opportunity to take a fresh look at this ground-breaking civil rights incident and to meet some of the people who still had the story fresh in their hearts and minds. This audio book came out of Susan's research. You can listen to Rachel Kaub's interview with Susan Klopfer about this blog and audio book at


Susan began her professional career as a journalist, working for various newspapers and winning several awards. She also taught software at the college and professional level. Writing books, however, became her primary focus. She wrote first about computers, and her book Abort! Retry! Fail!: The DOS Answer Book was selected as an alternate for the Book of the Month Club for 2 years before finding her true calling, civil rights. Among her successful nonfiction publications, “Who Killed Emmett Till” (2010) and “Where Rebels Roost... Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited” (2005) continue to enlighten readers.