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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: October 17, 2009

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James Talley

Calico Gypsy

Journey: The 2nd Voyage

Mindy Smith

Bad Guy

Stupid Love

Betty Soo

Who Knows

Heat, sin, water

Ray Bierl

Buckle Up the Back straps

Any Place to hang my Hat

Laura Love, Orville Johnson

Cotton Eyed Joe/Ruby

The Sweeter the Juice

Joe Jencks


Links in a Chain

Fred Koller

Lovely Margarita

No Song Left To Sing

Amanda Pearcy

The Cruelty of Memory

WaitiníOn Sunday

Ben Bullington

Born in 55

White Sulpher Springs

John Gorka

Trouble in Mind

So Dark You See

James Keelaghan


House of Cards

Becky Schlegel

Sound of your voice

For all the World to See

Tom Rush

Lost my Driviní wheel

No Regrets

Peter rowan/Tony Rice

Come Back to Old Santa Fe

You Were There for Me

The Del McCoury Band

Itís Just the Night

Itís Just the Night


Losing my Religion

Best of Mountain Stage Vol 2

Hurricane Doyle

Got No Brakes

Hurricane Doyle

The Dixie Beeliners

Road Hog


Dave Alvin

Iím a Lonesome fugitive

TheI-10 Chronicles/2

Buddy & Julie Miller

Paper Thin

Itíll come To You

John Hiatt

Icy Blue Heart

Slow turning

Carl Jackson

Cash On the Barrelhead

The Last Whippoorwill

Kieran Kane

If Itís Not Love

Dead Rekoning

Mike West

Talk Radio

The Man Who Could Fall Backwards

Deana Carter

State Trooper


Fred J Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels

Little Buffalo

There Ainít No Easy Hard

Amos Garrett/Doug Sahm/Gene Taylor

Amarillo Highway

The Return of the Formerly Brothers

Johnny Rawls

Gasoline on the Fire

Ace of Spades

Mitch Woods & the Rocket 88ís

Easy Street

Jump for Joy

Big Joe Turner

In the Eveningí, when the sun goes down

The Definitive blues Collection

Jack Teagarden

Pitchiní a bit short

Rockiní Chair

Buster Poindexter

Imitation of Life

Buster Goes Berserk

Omar & the Howlers

Quiet Whiskey


Roomful of blues

Round it down

Raisin a Ruckus

Rick Estrin & the Nightcats



Coco Montoya

Too Much Water

The Essential Coco Montoya

The Volker Strifler Band

Struck by Lightning

Volker Strifler Band

Tommy Castro

The Holdiní On

Soul Shaker

George ďWild ChildĒ Butler

Rent Money Gone Again


Randy Garibay & Cats donít Sleep

To the Bone

Chicano blues Man

Lilí Brian & the Travelers

You Talk About Me


Tom Russell

Santa Ana Wind

Blood & Candle Smoke

Michael Reno Harrell

Second wind

Second Wind

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

However Lone

Jason Isbell & the 400 unit

Luke Powers

Good Revolution

Running to Paradise

Jimmie Tarlton

John Henry

Steel Guitar Rag

Woody Guthrie

Rainbow Bill

My Dusty Road

Charlie Waller

Blackberry Blossom

Songs of the American Spirit

James King

30 Years of Farming

30 Years of Farming

Rod Picott/Amanda shires

Shake & Cry

Sew Your Heart With Wires

Patty Lovelass & Kris Kristofferson

Far Side Banks of Jordan

Anchored In Love

James Hand

Men Like Me Can Fly

Shadow on the Ground

Ethyl & the Regulars

At the End of My Blues

Fill Ďer up withÖ

Starline Rhythm Boys

The Old Filling Station

Redís Place

Mark Stuart & the Bastard Sons

Iím Just an Old Lump of Coal

Bend in the Road

Johnny Bush/Justin Trevino

Tonight Iíll Break the Bottle Out

Texas on a Saturday Night

The Derailers

100% Pure Fool