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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: March 6, 2010

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Cowboy Jack Clement

Guess Things Happen That Way

Guess Things Happen That Way

Billy Manzik

Not To Self

All Together Now

Tom Mason

The World Is Drunk


Steve Goodman

Looking for Trouble

Jessieís Jig & Other Favorites

Gordie Tentrees

Mercy Or Sin

Mercy or Sin

Lainie Marsh


The Hills Will Cradle Thee

Paul Burch

Honey Blue

Still Your Man

Red Molly

Gulf Coast Highway


Eric Brace & Peter Cooper

Denali, Not McKinley

You Donít Have To Like Them Both

Jill Jack

Fast Moviní Train

Songwriter Sessions

Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch

If I could Be There


Carrie Rodriquez

Big Love

Love & Circumstance

The Cottars

Your Loves Return


Amy & Adams

Got a Candle In MY Window

Dancing Through Time

Tommy Dorsey

Boogie Woogie


Ellis Paul

Nothing Left To Take

The Day After Everything Changed

Bill & Bonnie Hearne

Wild Geese

Diamonds In The Rough

Hacienda Brothers

It Tears Me Up

Whatís Wrong With Right

Stone River Boys

The Struggle

Stone River Boys

Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men

Donít Let Your Deal Go Down

Out In California

Neko Case

If Iím Gonna Sink

Touch My Heart

Adam Carroll &Michael OíConner

Bottle Down

Hard Times

Band of Heathens

Jenny Was a Keeper

Live at Momoís

Jimmy Lafave

Because the Wind


Van Morrison

Mule Skinner Blues

The Songs of Jimmie Rodgers

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sheryl Crow & Emmylou Harris

Flesh & Blood

Kindred Spirits

Lyle Lovett

Sold American

Why The Hell Not?

Peter Karp & Sue Foley

Mm Hmm

He Said, She Said

The Holmes Brothers

Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Feed My Soul

Robben Ford & the Ford Blues Band

Everything is Gonna Be Alright

A Tribute to Paul Butterfield

Larry Johnson

Nobodyís Bizness

Midnight Hour Blues

Buddy Moss

Oh Lawdy Mama

Atlanta Blues Legend

Blind Willie McTell

Lord Have Mercy On MY Soul

Pig ĎN Whistle Red

Steve Howell

Ready for the River

Since I Saw You Last

Brooks Williams

Weepiní Willow Blues

Blues & Ballads

Doug MacLeod

That Ainít Right

The Utrecht Sessions

Harry Manx & Kevin Brett

No Particular Place


Tommy Castro

The Next Right Thing

Soul Shaker

Guitar Shorty


Bare Knuckle

Blues Masters

Fooled Around and Fell In Love

Blues Masters

Mark Stewart & The Bastard Sons

Seven Mils to Memphis

Bend In the Road

Don Walser

Big Ball in Cowtown

Best of Don Walser

Tom Armstrong

Get While the Gettings Good

Tom Armstrong Sings Heart Songs

Bob Wills

Stay a Little Longer

Legends of Country Music

Asleep at the Wheel

Take Me Back To Tulsa

Ride With Bob

Asylum Street Spankers

Shadrack Meschack & Abendego

Godí Favorite Band


Fractured Air

Carried To Dust

Beautiful Loser Society

One Good dog

The Long Slow Decline

Fred J Eaglesmith

Heís a Good Dog

The Official Bootleg Series, Vol. 2`

The Waifs

Without You

Sink or Swim

Red Molly

Tear My Stillhouse Down


Julie Lee

Stillhouse Road

Shillhouse Road

Weems String Band

Greenback dollar


Trent Wagler/Jay Lapp

Strongest Wind Blows

Adrienna Valentine

Mavis Staples

Hard Times Come Again No More

Beautiful Dreamer