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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: December 11, 2010

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Marti Brom-

Never No More-

Not For Nothin’

Ryan Adams-

To Be Young-

Heart Broken

Jonathan Byrd-

White Oak Wood-



He Called My Name-

Sidewalk Caesars

Terence Martin-

Short On Words-

The Last Black & White TV




Norah Jones-

Bull Rider-



All Dames Are Dynomite-

Jump In & Hang On

Cam Penner & Gravel Road-

Met Her On a Sunday-

Get Up

Lynn Miles-

Save Me-

Fall For Beauty

Bill & Bonnie Hearne-

The King of Fools-

Watching the World Through a Windshield




Fred j Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels-

End of the Road-

There Ain’t No Easy Road

Elizabeth Cook-

Mama, You Wanted To Be a Singer, Too-

Elizabeth Cook

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash-

Walk Alone-

Walk Alone

Grand Marquis-

Milenberg Joys-

Hold On To Me




Curley Money & His Rolling Ramblers-

Stop You Knocking-

Oxford American 12th Anniversary Music Issue/Alabama

Maddox Bros & Rose-

New Mule Skinner Blues-

“ “

Hardrock Gunter & the Pebbles-

Gonna Dance All Night-

“ “




Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies-

Right or Wrong-

Western Swing Chronicles

Tom Mason-

Chano Poso’s Shoes-


Joan Soriano-

Mujeres Ajenas-

El Duque de la Bachata

Eliades Ochoa-


Sublime Ilusion




Lunch at Allen’s-

I’ll Let You Know-


The Derailers-

Love’s Gonna Live Here- Again

Under the Influence of Buck

Frank Meyer-

I Say What-

Scrounger’s Paradise

Lawrence Lebo--

I Should Care-

Don’t Call Her Larry




Lynne Hanson-

Three Times Bent-

Once the Sun Goes Down

Eric Brace/Peter Cooper-

Silent Night-

Master Sessions

Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer-

The Promised Land-

Seven is the Number

Donna Beasley-

Just What I’m Looking For-

Under the Rushes







Coco Robicheaux-

10 Commandments of the Blues-

Like I Said, Yeah, U Rite!

Eden Brent-

Later Than You Think-

Ain’t Got No Troubles

Boo Boo Davis-

Shoot the Dice-

Undercover Blues

Hans Theessink/Terry Evans-

Got To Keep Moving-


Paul Reddick-

Hooks In the Water-


Anders Osborne-

Got Your Heart-

American Patchwork

Eva Cassidy-

You’ve Changed-





Ian Tyson-

50 Years Ago-

Live at Longview




Ralph “Soul” Jackson-

Match Box-

Oxford American 12th Music Issue/Alabama

Mary Gresham-

Get Back on the Right Track-

“ “

Dan Picket-

99 ½ Won’t Do-

“ “

Robin Rogers-

Ocean of Tears-

Back in the Fire







Tom Roznowski-

Hot Grease at Midnight-

A Well Traveled Porch

Mike West-


16 Easy Songs for Drill & Banjo

Jimmy Martin

Ocean of Diamonds-

Don’t Make Me Cry

The Coal Porters-

I’m Not Going Away-





I See Hawks In LA-

Keep It In a Bottle-

Hallowed Ground

Pat Mears-


Blaze Foley Vol 1

Blaze Foley Hillbilly Band-

Big Cheeseburgers-


Peter Cooper-

Train To Birmingham-

The Lloyd Green Album

Jonathan Lee Pickens & Friends-

Drop in the Bucket-

Music Beneath the Stars




Cris Cuddy-

I’m a Caddilac-

Diamond shine

Howard Kalish-

Texas Hambone Blues-

What the Hey

Cornell Hurd Band-

Rock & Roll Honkytonk Ramblin Man-

Song of South Austin

Kitty Rose-

Bucking Hay-

Live at the Ryman

Joe Ely-


Live at Antone’s