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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: January 1, 2011 / Happy New Year!

This edition is mostly a review of CDs from 2010.


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Lightniní Hopkins-

Happy New Year-

Sittiní in with Lightniní Hopkins

Ry Cooder-

Hank Williams-

My Name Is Buddy

Paul Thorn-

Mission Temple Fireworks Stand-

Mission Temple Fireworks Stand

Grand Marquis-

The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise-

Hold On To Me

Lawrence Lebo-

Itís Not the first Time-

Donít Call Her Larry




Max Stalling-

I Ainít Drinking alone-

Home To You

Deer Tick-

Boodbye, Dear Friend-

The Black Dirt Sessions

Joe Cassany & the West End Sound-

Everything Once-

The Chymical Vegas Wedding

Sherry Austin-

Winter Comes On Slow-

Love Still Remains

Chris Cuddy-

Diamond Shine-

Diamond Shine




Nora Jones-



Lunch at Allenís-

New York Snow-

More Lunch at Allenís

Buzz Cason-

It Is What It Is-

Working Without a Net

Kruger Bros.-


Forever & a Day







Marty Stuart-

Bridge Washed Out-

Ghost Train

Sara Hickman-

Blown Away-

Absence of Sin

Jason Spooner-

Half a Mind-

Sea Monster

Lynn Miles-

I Will-

Fall For Beauty




Jimmy LaFave-

Desperate Men Do Desperate Things-

Favorites 1992-2001


Tara Linda-

Demonís Cumbia-

Tortilla Western Serenade

Paul Thorn-

Love Scar-

Pimps & Preachers

The B-Stars-

Back Up Buddy-

Behind the Barn

Angel Band-

King of Nothiní-

Bless My Sole




Huey Lewis & the News-

Got To Get You Off My Mind-


Red June-

Bisquits & Gravy-

Remember Me Well

Caleb Klauder-

Deep Water-

Western Country

Sharon Allen-

Blues Stay Away From Me-

Along the Way

Fred J Eaglesmith-

Mrs. Hank Williams-

Millyís Cafť

Hank Williams-

Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain-

The Unreleased Recordings







Kenny Neal-

Hooked On Your Love-

Hooked On Your Love

Eddie Turner-

Ride a Painted Pony-

Miracles & Demons

Joe Pitts-

Clouds On the Horizon-

Ten Shades of the Blues




Robin Rogers-

Baby Bye-Bye-

Back In the Fire

Duke Robillard-

Dukeís Evening Blues-

Passport to the Blues

Coco Robicheaux-






JJ Grey & Mofro-

Gotta Know-

Georgia Warhorse

The Steve Wiggens Band-

Doiní My Thing-

Precious Cargo

James Cotton-

Sad, Sad Day-


Boo Boo Davis-

Donít Drink & Drive-

Undercover Blues

Eden Brent-

Beyond My Broken Dreams-

Ainít Got No Troubles







The Coal Porters-

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil-



Rambliní Life-


Trout Fishing In America-

I Pretend to Understand/My Baby Loves Sudoku-

Looking At Lucky

Ben Bullington-

Satisfaction Garage-

Satisfaction Garage




Peter Cooper-

Tulsa Queen-

The Lloyd Green Album

Donna Beasley-

Canít I Get a Ride-

Under the Rushes

Elizabeth McQueen-

Lovely Madman-

The Laziest Girl In Town

Natasha Borzilova-

Paper Wings-

Balancing Act

Marti Brom-

Not For Nothiní

Not for Nothiní




Halden Wofford & the Hi-Beams-

Hey Bub-

Sinners & Saints

Cedar Squeezers-

Shelly Hopped a Train-

El Chupacabra

Eric Brace/Peter Cooper-

Wait A Minute-

Master Sessions

Kris Kristofferson-

The Winner-

Twistable Turnable Man

Jake Shimabukuro-

The Star Spangled Banner-

Gently Weeps