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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: January 15, 2011

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Geoff Bartley-

The Cat Song-

Put the Big Stone Down

Jaime Michaels-

China Dog-

The Man With the Time Machine

The Poor Nobodies-

Glass as a Liquid-

Until I Uproot & Walk Again

Johanna Divine-

Paddy Wagon-

Mile High Rodeo

Malcolm Holcombe-

The Mighty City-

To Drink the Rain




Great Recession Orchestra-

Youíre Bound To Look Like a Monkey-

Have You Ever Even Heard of Milton Brown?

Jerry Irby & His Texas Ramblers-

Super Boogie Woogie-

Hill Billy Boogie

Loose Acoustic Trio-

Pinball Wizard-

Sorrow Be Gone

Last Train Home-

Doughnut Girl-

True North

Brenda Jean-

Love Chooses You-

Joe Pye Weed

Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus-

Hole In His Heart-

Ray of Hope




Guthrie Kennard-

Monkey Wrench-

Unmade Bed

Marti Brom-

Finderís Keepers-

Not For Nothiní

Shout Sister Shout-

No Sale-

Hit That Jive!

Jack Teagarden-

Sweet & Hot-

From Now On

Grand Marquis-

The Spider & The Fly-

Hold On To Me




Jo Serrapere & the Willie Dunns-

Walking Spanish-

Tonight at Johnnyís Speakeasy

Tom Waits-

Gun Street Girl-

Rain Dogs

John Hammond-

Jockey Full of Bourbon-

Wicked Grin

Bill Williams-

Flying on the Ground is Wrong-


The Woodpickers-

One More Mile-

Reason & Dream

Carrie Elkin-

Edge of the World-

Call It My Garden

Danny Schmidt-

Grandpa Built Bridges-

Instead the Forest Rose To sing

Sam Baker-



Merle Haggard-

Stranger in the City-

I Am What I Am




Walt Wilkens & the Mystiqueros-

Quiet Moon-

Diamonds In the Sun

Elizabeth McQueen-

Skeletons In My Closet-

The Laziest girl IN town

Gurf Morlix-

In the Misty Garden/Should Have Been Home With You-

Blaze Foleyís 113th Wet Dream

Alan Smithy-

Crawl Back To You-

Blaze Foley Inside vol # 3

Cowboy Jack Clement-

Guess Things Happen That Way-

Guess Things Happen That Way




Kokomo Arnold-

Sissy Man Blues-

Rabbit Foot Blues comp

T-Model Ford-

Sallie Mae-

The Ladies Man

Asie Payton-

Canít Be Satisfied-


Boo Boo Davis-

Undercover blues-

Undercover Blues




Eden Brent-

My Man-

Ainít Got No Troubles

Coco Robicheaux-


Like I Said, Yeah, U Rite

Carol Fran-

I Needs To Be Beíd With-

Louisiana Swamp Stomp

Charlie Musselwhite-

Voodoo Garden-

Continental Drifter




Janiva Magness-

Iím Feeliní Good-

The Devilís An Angel Too

Damon Fowler-

Fruit Stand Lady-

Devil Got His Way

Popa Chubby-

If The Diesel DAnít Get You, The Jet Fuel Will-

The EssentialÖ

Richie Rich & the Chi-town Blues Band-

Boogie Woogie Cruisiní-

From the Streets

Roomful of Blues-


Hook, Line & Sinker




David Holt-

Sail Away-

Reel & Rock

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band-

Whoa Mule-

Poor Leroyís Almanac

Hey Mavis-

Red Light-

Red Wine

Red June-


Remember Me Well

Kruger Brothers-

The Plan-

Forever & A Day

Steel Wheels-

Long Way To Go-

Red Wing

Del McCoury Band-

All Aboard-

Del & the Boys




Webb Wilder-

You Might Be Lonely for a Reason-

About Time

The Taters-

Never Really Meant To Be-


Paul Thorn-

I Hope Iím Doiní this right-

Pimps & Preachers

Lynn Miles-

Cracked & Broken-

Fall For Beauty

Jonathan Byrd-

White Oak Wood-


Gwil Owen-

Magnetic Heaven-

Magnetic Heaven

Leyla Fences-


Liars Cheats & Fools

Fred J Eaglesmith & the Flying Squirrels-

Maggie & Me-

There Ainít No Easy Roa