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Green Chile Revival and Medicine Show Playlist

Date: April 16, 2011†

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Jack Williams-


Donít Let Go!

Owen Temple-

Small Town-

Mountain Home

Kasey Chambers-

Nothing At All-





Porter Mason-

Hotel Yorba-

Story of the Rifle

Toyko Rosenthal-

I Care If You Do-

Love Worn Out

Dave Alvin-

East Virginia Blues-

Great American Music Galaxy

Abbie Gardner-

Walkiní Cane-





Little Joe y La Familia-

Acabame de Matar-

20 de Collection

Los Fabulocos-

Los Chucos Suaves-


Conjunto Jardin-


Yerba Buena

Los Lobos-

Flor de Huevo-





Antsy McClain-

Leftover Birds-

Heroes Last Forever

Blame Sally-


Speeding Ticket & a Valentine

Hot Tuna-

Children of Zion-

Steady As She Goes

Brother Lou-

Bad Gravity-

The Devil In Me




David Olney-


High Wide & Lonesome

Terri Hendrix-

I Found the Lions-

The Ring

Ronnie Elliott-

Dogs of Havana-

My Nerves Are Bad Tonight

Tom Mason-

Little Walter-





Laureen Sheehan-

Dirty Rat Song-

Rose City Ramble

Little Pink=

Wind & Water=

Gladly Would We Anchor

Stone Honey=

White Knuckle Wind=

The Cedar Creek Sessions

Ray Bonneville=

Goiní By Feel=

Goiní By Feel

Yvette Landry=

Down Home Blues=

Should Have Known




The Border Blasters-

Sunset On The Rio Grande-

Blast From the Past

Les Sampou-

Yo Yo-


Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers-

Iím Barely Hanginí On To Me-

Honky Tonk Happy Hour

Slaid Cleaves-

I Feel The Blues Moving In-

Broke Down

John Lilly-

I Canít Escape From You-

Haunted Honky Tonk

Last Train Home-

My Sally-

True North







Ralph Willis-

Income Tax Blues-

Bankerís Blues comp

Yank Rachell-

She Changed the Lock-

Blues Mandolin Man

Peetie Wheatstraw-

Poor Millionaire Blues-

Bankerís Blues comp




Snooks Eaglin-

That Certain Door-

Baby, You Can Get Your Gun

Lightniní Slim-

Sweet Little Woman-

Rooster Blues

T-Model Ford-

Someoneís Knockiní On My Door-

Tale Dragger




Johnny Rawls-

Blues Woman-

Memphis Still Got Soul

Tracy Nelson-

Without Love-

Victim of the Blues

Henry Gray-

Iíll Be Up Again Someday-

Lucky Man

Irma Thomas-

My Heartís In Memphis-

My Heartís In Memphis




Marcia Ball-

Between Here & Kingdom Come-

Roadside Attractions

Terry Quiett Band-

Big Man Boogie-

Just My Luck

Tommy Lee Cook-

Grits & Groceries-

Outside Looking In

John-Alex mason-

More Than Wind-

Jook Joint Thunderclap

Pinetop Perkins-Hubert Sumlin-

Got My Mojo Workiní








Hank Woji-

There Was A Time-

There Was A Time

Gurf Morlix-

Drums of New Orleans-

Last Exit To Happyland

Jim Stringer & the AM Band-

Cold Uneasy Blues-

In My Hand

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West-

My Bloody Heart-

The Holy Coming of the Storm

Chip Taylor

The Healer-

The London Sessions

Kevin Welch-

The Great Emancipation-

A Patch of Blue Sky

Mark Jungers-

Show Me a Sign-

More Like a Good Dog Than a Bad Cat

Fred J Eaglesmith-



Walt Wilkens Band-

Quiet Moon-

Diamonds in the Sun

Teri Joyce-

I Canít Help Myself-

Kitchen Radio




Celia cruz-

Nuevo Ritmo Omelenko-

La Reina de Salsa

Cab Calloway-

Ad-de Dey-

Best of..

New Deal Rhythm Band-

Reefer Man-


Glenn Miller-

St. Louis Blues-

Glenn Miller